To be the most successful financial  institution in Malawi with a
 visible presence in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and the region, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earnings growth.

Free Services

The following services are offered free to our valued Customers:
  • Cards and electronic Banking - Moneycard Services
    • ATM Cash withdrawal up to daily limit on NBM ATM
    • Declined ATM cash withdrawal insufficient funds (NBM ATMs)
  • Current Accounts
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Withdrawal from other Service Centres
  • Drafts and Transfers
    • Credits to FCDA
    • Transfer from FCDA Account to Malawi Kwacha Account
  • Foreign Notes
    • Purchases
  • Savings
    • Withdrawals
    • Withdrawal from other Service Centres
  • Special Saver Accounts
    • Withdrawals
  • Internet Banking (Student)
  • Mo626ice (SMS Banking)
  • Mo626ice (Top ups & Bill Payments)
  • ATM Card (Student)
  • Sundry Charges
    • Cash Deposits
    • Change Transanctions for Customers