Contactless Card

What is a Contactless Card?

A Contactless Card allows customers to make POS purchases and ATM withdrawals by simply holding the card in front of the payment device instead of swiping or inserting.

  • Your Visa debit card will now allow you to transact at the Point of Sale (POS) and ATMs without having to get in contact with it. This means that there will be less need to dip in (insert) or swipe your card.
  • Please note that not all POS and ATM terminals will allow you to transact through the contactless mode. All POS terminals that are able to process contactless transactions will bear the contactless sign which is also on your card.

How to use the Card

  • When using POS, hold your card close to the POS terminal. If you wish you may just tap on the POS.
  • The POS will request for a PIN Except for low value transactions .[by default, low value transactions on NBM POS are those whose amount are less than K5,000
  • The transaction will then be authorized and completed.

Where to use the Card

All POS terminals and ATMs bearing the contactless sign


  • Your card is still PIN protected and secure
  • You will therefore be required to enter your PIN each time you transact at the Point of Sale for any transaction above the limit indicated above. However, depending on the Merchant preference  and Industry settings, some contactless transactions may not prompt for PIN even if the amount is above K5, 000 this is very common in tap and go environments (e.g. train substations). Normally, such transactions are of low value.
  • If you have more than one contactless card in your wallet, make sure you remove it and scan it on its own to avoid multiple payments 

Advantages of Contactless Card

  • Transactions are fast
  • Convenient and smart way to transact
  • No PIN or any other type of verification required for low-value payments.
  • Secure and safe


The security of the card has been entrusted to you as the cardholder. NBM shall not be held liable for any financial losses that may arise due to carelessness, improper or fraudulent use of the card by the cardholder or any other individuals who may have access to the card, its associated PIN or the card details.



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