Fiesta Save Account

Service/Product Target

Personal and SME customers who wish to save money with the desire to accumulate wealth or finance an important event such as a wedding or vacation.

Product Attributes/ Features

  • Minimum opening balance of MK20,000
  • Monthly deposits of at least MK10,000 through a cash deposit or a standing order
  • Interest rate at 6% above ordinary savings account

Benefits To The Customer/user

  • No service fees.
  • Allows a customer to build an investment over a period of time from a monthly income
  • Can be used as collateral/security
  • Relatively high interest rate

Costs To Access The Product


Account Opening Requirements

  • Account opening forms
  • KYC documentation as advised by the bank

Terms and Conditions

Withdrawals on quarterly basis to be done over the counter and not through electronic platforms



To be the most successful financial institution in Malawi with an internationally visible presence.

Mission Statement

To provide outstanding and inclusive financial solutions that deliver sustained stakeholder value.