Fixed Term Deposit

Service/Product Target

For customers with excess funds which they intend to commit to an investment for a fixed period of time.

Product Attributes/ Features

  • Minimum balance of MK25,000
  • Predetermined fixed period
  • Interest is paid on expiry of each contractual period

Benefits To The Customer/User

  • No bank charges
  • Can be used as security for borrowing.
  • Relatively high interest rate.
  • Very low risk
  • Once paid for each period, interest is added to the principal and earns interest in the subsequent contractual period.

Costs To Access The Product


Account Opening Requirements

  • Account opening forms
  • KYC documentation as advised by the bank

Terms and Conditions

Interest is forfeited if withdrawals are made before maturity.



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Mission Statement

To provide outstanding and inclusive financial solutions that deliver sustained stakeholder value.