Foreign Currency Denominated Account (FCDA)

Service/Product Target

Local exporters, individuals or organisations fully or partially funded by external sources, Malawians living abroad and any Malawian earning income in foreign currency.

Product Attributes/ Features

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Withdraw in local currency through Malawi Kwacha operating account

Benefits To The Customer/User

  • Interest is negotiable
  • Can be used to hedge against currency fluctuations
  • Customer can hold funds in this account and only convert when conditions are favourable.

Costs To Access The Product


Account Opening Requirements

  • Account opening forms
  • KYC documentation as advised by the bank

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer has to maintain a Malawi Kwacha operating account
  • Account to operate in compliance with RBM Exchange Control Regulations



To be the most successful financial institution in Malawi with an internationally visible presence.

Mission Statement

To provide outstanding and inclusive financial solutions that deliver sustained stakeholder value.