Loan Facilities

Product definition

A Loan is a facility that is repayable in accordance with an agreed repayment term, over a period of a maximum of ten years depending on the purpose.


To support capital expenditure, financing projects or can be used as working capital.

Period and Repayment

  • Short term loan repayable up to 24 months
  • Medium term loan repayable between 24 and 60 months
  • Long term loan repayable between 60 and 120 months
  • Reductions or repayment terms are to be discussed with the customer. No stipulated minimum applies

Benefits to the customer

The benefits to the customer are:
  • The drawing and repayment of funds is made in accordance with a prearranged schedule which is matched to the borrower’s needs.
  • Full repayment of the loan or temporary early reductions may be made at any time subject to a notice and which must be negotiated with the bank.
  • Security of knowing that finance is available for the required period.
  • Pre-planned draw downs and repayments facilitate accurate budgeting and disciplined repayments.



To be the most successful financial institution in Malawi with an internationally visible presence.

Mission Statement

To provide outstanding and inclusive financial solutions that deliver sustained stakeholder value.